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24 years old, and I have lived a couple of lives already. I've lost weight, then gained a bit back, and now I'm just looking for my ultimate goal of happiness.

Did something different with my eyebrows, and I’m loving it.
Much more ~natural~ and not as dark.
Ordered hair dye last night, and I can’t wait for it to come in the mail!
I’m not upset anymore, I said a lot of mean things out of hunger last night.
I’m not proud.
But today is a new day and Thursday is almost as good as Friday to me :)


100% in love with my hair

100% in love with your everything. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! I hope you have a beautiful and wonderful day, you deserve nothing but the best!


Immabout to have beans on toast yayer

Social Anxiety


  • "I should not have said that"
  • "Did I say that weirdly?"
  • "Do they think I’m being annoying/weird/stupid/needy/rude etc.?"
  • "Do I look/sound nervous?"
  • "Did I pause too long between words/sentences?"
  • "Am I talking too fast/too slow?"
  • "They probably hate me"
  • "Do I look weird?"
  • "Am I making sense?"
  • "should I ask that question?"
  • "Will they think I’m stupid?"

My thoughts during/after every social interaction I have. Its all in my head and that’s the problem,Its driving me insane 

I’m angry

And annoyed.

That is all.

Four years and eleven amazing months with this man have been the best of my life 😘💞👫💏 Yes I counted years and months!⏰ One month from today will be five official years✋⬅️


She is so expressive 😍💜

Oh my holiness she is adorable! And I must meet her!

Sometimes I drink two glasses of champagne and get drunk.
And by sometimes I mean any time I drink champagne:


Finished my Final for Studio Photography earlier today. Now exhausted and tired, I sleep. 

This is beautifulllllll.

All children need a champion🏆 but this is even more true for those with Autism🙇and the need for understanding of this disorder grows exponentially with each new diagnosis💡I love all of my special needs kids, but those with Autism are so misunderstood a change must occur.❤️🌱

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